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Excessive Salivation of Dogs – What Are the Implications

Dog Breeds like St. Bernard and Bull Terrier are the ones that have this natural tendency to drool a lot whereas other breeds don’t really behave such way.

When dogs salivate, it’s actually for them to make the chewing of food easier and for the start of digestion to take place. The dog breed doesn’t really matter that much when it comes to excessive salivation problems, if you have spot this one then you must have them checked immediately.

The following are the top reasons why excessive dog salivation is happening:

– Certain objects might be stuck in their oral cavity

Most of the time when a dog has chewed something and it got stuck in their teeth, gums or throat will result to excessive salivation. Before you do anything else you must check if there is something that is stuck in certain parts of their oral cavity like in the teeth, gums, throat and tongue. You are left with two options, first is to remove it by yourself or you can pay some visit to the nearest vet to remove it.

Oral Problems

If the dogs are drool too much this could also be a sign of dental problems like too much tartar in their mouth or some gum problems and a broken tooth. Try checking their teeth, if it’s brown or the gums are swelling, if you are able to spot this things then you must go to the vet and have their teeth cleaned or remove. After the procedure, you must be vigilant with the food you are giving to them. Searching information about the tartar removal is no longer difficult; with just a few clicks away you can already obtain a number of search results. A dental diet might be given to your dogs as well, so you must pay attention to it.

They have Heatstroke Issues

If you are in arid areas and your pup is salivating too much then they might be experiencing heatstroke. If your dog is showing symptoms like unresponsiveness and fatigue then waste no time and bring them to the nearest vet for it could be a heatstroke problem. There are preventive measures that you can do for your dogs, this includes making sure they have access to fresh water; there are shady places they can stay most specially during summer season. Never leave them inside your car, that’s for sure. The things mentioned earlier are just the basic things that you have to do, you must search for more details online regarding to a more specific symptoms of heatstroke, just to be sure.