The Benefits of Diesel Powered SUVs

In the United States, the vast majority of privately owned vehicles run on gasoline rather than diesel. In fact, large commercial trucks constitute the only class of vehicle that is consistently powered by diesel fuel. Drivers purchasing imports have, however, probably noticed that often diesel engines are offered as available features. They may be wondering whether Europeans might be onto something good. Proponents of diesel vehicles would certainly agree that they are. Read on to find out about just a few of the benefits of purchasing an SUV that runs on diesel instead of gasoline.

Gas Mileage

Many drivers list fuel economy as one of the most important deciding factors when they are purchasing new vehicles, and with good reason. Fuel prices are always on the rise, and they are unlikely to get any lower anytime soon. It’s a fact, though, that diesel fueled SUVs boast much better fuel economy than their gas-powered counterparts. Some cars and small crossover vehicles get as much as 40MPG, which is better than many hybrid cars can manage.

Built to Last

Part of the reason that semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles make use of diesel engines is that they are built to last. Diesel powered SUVs often have odometer readings in the 100,000s when they are taken in for their very first serious engine overhaul.

More Power

Not only do diesel engines last longer and boast better fuel economy, but they also have more get up and go than most traditional gas engines. Sports cars can accelerate incredibly quickly, but they sacrifice fuel economy for the sake of speed. Alternatively, fuel-conscious models don’t pack the kind of punch that modern drivers want. With a diesel engine, drivers can have both.

Clean Diesel

In the past, diesel used to have a reputation for being environmentally unfriendly. Today’s clean diesel alternatives burn cleaner and produce much less smoke.

With all of these advantages, it’s easy to see why diesel-powered cars and SUVs are beginning to catch on in the States as well. Drivers looking for additional diesel vehicle info before they make their final decisions regarding their next vehicle purchases are sure not to be disappointed by what they find.